Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

In November 2010, the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program was launched to replace the former Points system. The focus of this diet is the counting of calories by using the PointsPlus value (PPV) that is allotted to foods. It also involves support and counseling provided by attending weekly meetings in person and using a comprehensive online program. The PPV is calculated using the nutritional values of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber found in foods. You may also find the PPV on the Weight Watchers’ website at http://www.weightwatchers.com/ or by buying and using the special PointsPlus calculator.

The PointsPlus program allocates 26–30 PPV daily based on gender, age, weight and height plus 49 weekly PointsPlus allowance. By staying within your daily PPV target, you are able to eat and enjoy foods you love while you lose weight. You may choose to use your weekly PointsPlus allowances all at once, each day of the week or you may decide not to use them.

Weight Watchers encourages users to eat a wide range of healthy and regular foods that are packed with nutrients and that provides improved nutrition and feeling satiated and satisfied. The emphasis is on foods rich in proteins, fiber, whole foods, fruits, vegetables, which are called Power Foods, while reducing unhealthy fats and processed foods. Eating fruits and most vegetables carry free or zero PPV. Recognizing that exercise plays an important role in weight loss and management, the Weight Watchers diet encourages users to get involved in physical activities. By earning activity PPVs, you may exchange them for extra PPVs for food or decide not to use them.

Members who reach their goal weight and who maintain it for six weeks may get lifetime membership. This involves free meetings and online support as long as you remain within two pounds of your goal weight. An important feature of the program is the daily practicing of good healthy guidelines. This involves having:

●Power foods such as lean proteins, fruits and veggies, non-fat and low-fat dairy and whole grains,
●Liquids (water and non-alcoholic beverages),
●Healthy oils,
●Reduced amounts of sodium and added sugar as well as alcohol.

Benefits of the Diet

The Weight Watchers PointsPlus diet offers many advantages to users, including:

●Flexibility for people with unique dietary needs such as gluten-free foods, vegetarian and vegan,
●Choice of attending meetings for counseling and/or using an inclusive online program,
●Program tailored for men and women,
●Convenience and ease of using the program,
●Little or no food restrictions and physical activity is encouraged with the flexibility of swapping food for earned activity points,
●A wide variety of recipes available online and in other resources,
●Nutritional value of foods can be easily accessed and free Smartphone App is available,
●Proven track record in weight loss and management with over 40 years of experience,
●Special At Work programs are available for companies to offer to their employees as part of the wellness package,
●Rated #1 in 2011 for the Best Commercial Diet, Easiest Diet to Follow and Best in Weight Loss.

Drawbacks of the Diet

Some of the shortcomings of the PointsPlus program include:

●Counting PointsPlus and tracking what you eat may be tedious and time consuming,
●Measuring portion sizes may be tiresome and demanding,
●Losing two to three pounds weekly may be too slow for some people,
●Using Weight Watchers Online alone undermines the traditional weekly in-person meetings,
●Unstructured program, which may pose a challenge for some people to follow,
●Men having access mainly to the online support rather than face-to-face meetings,
●The weekly cost for the program can add up quickly for those who attend meetings.


If you are looking for a weight loss program that is flexible, convenient and easy to follow, Weight Watchers PointsPlus is highly recommended. Not only can you eat all foods from the food groups, you will learn about foods and nutrition. This may help you make better and healthier choices as well as to manage portion sizes. Since you are not relying on pre-packaged meals, it is also easier to eat whole and fresh foods that are in season and to make weight management a lifestyle rather than a diet for a specific period. With the goal of PointsPlus being smarter eating, you are more likely to be successful at better managing your weight and improving you overall well-being.


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