The 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet

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The 17 day diet is a diet that consists of three cycles, each lasting for duration of 17 days. A fourth maintenance cycle exists once the desired weight loss goal has been achieved. This diet works for people wanting to lose as little as 10 pounds and up to 100 or more pounds. This diet has been designed to prevent diet plateaus and enhance quick weight loss. This diet is not the same thing every day, it varies from cycle to cycle, which keeps the metabolism and body guessing, aiding in the weight shedding process.

Cycle 1: Accelerate
This is the initial stage of the 17 day diet. During this cycle the dieter is restricted to approximately 1200 calories per day. This stage typically has a weight loss result of 10 to 15 pounds, with the majority of the weight being attributed to water weight. This cycle is designed to stimulate fat metabolism according to the diet creator. It helps correct unhealthy eating habits, by greatly reducing unhealthy carbohydrates and processed sugars while cleansing and hydrating the body.

The typical diet for cycle 1 includes:

Unlimited lean protein
Unlimited nonstarchy vegetables
2 low-sugar fruits
2 probiotics (low-fat yogurt)
1-2 servings of healthy fats
Green tea
64 ounces of water

Cycle 2: Activate
The activate cycle is designed to stimulate fat burning as well as confuse the metabolism to ensure that it is not falling into a rut, thus achieving optimum fat burn. This cycle differs from cycle one by upping the total calorie intake to approximately 1500 calories per day. Expected weight loss while on this 17 day cycle of the plan is anywhere between 5 and 8 pounds.

The typical meal plan for a day in cycle 2 is the same as in cycle 1 with the addition of two servings of healthy carbohydrates and reducing the healthy fats to only one serving per day.

Cycle 3: Achieve
The third cycle of the diet has the slowest rate of weight loss, which is approximately 2 to 3 pounds. This portion of the diet focuses on making healthy diet choices

Cycle 4: Arrive
The fourth and final cycle of the diet is the maintenance portion. This cycle is implemented once the goal weight has been achieved. This cycle consists of following meal plans from cycles 1 through 3 during the week and implementing controlled splurges on the weekend. This approach enables the dieter to maintain their goal weight, while not feeling deprived.

Exercise is also a key part of this diet. The diet requires 17 minutes of exercise daily, at a minimum, during the first two stages of the diet. Low impact activities such as walking are ideal since the calorie intake during those cycles is very low. Cycles 3 and 4 require 150 to 300 minutes of exercise weekly to assist in weight loss and maintenance. Higher impact exercises including cycling, running, and swimming are good options during these cycles.

Diet specifics, with in-depth guidelines as well as lists of approved foods for each cycle are explicitly outlined in the 17 Day Diet book, written by Dr. Mike Moreno.

This diet is based on sound nutritional science. It advocates a healthy eating lifestyle that eliminates processed foods, fried foods, and sugars to achieve optimum weight loss. The diet helps solidify known healthy lifestyles that include nutrition and physical activity. This diet uses normal food that can be purchased in the grocery store. No special food has to be purchased.

A few drawbacks exist for this diet. The first problem is that one must purchase the book and read it to follow the diet. Also, the diet is very strict, without a lot of wiggle room for going out to eat or holidays. It is very rigid and has a lot of specific requirements. Also, the dieter must keep track of how many days into each cycle they are in order to know when to switch phases.

This is a great diet for strict, motivated dieters. There is no group dieting for motivation, so if the dieter can keep themselves on track, then this is a great option. It is also ideal for people who require specific regimens. It is based on science, and if followed strictly will result in weight loss.


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