Diet Alone Won’t Make Lasting Results

Diet Alone Won’t Make Lasting Results

diet exercise1 Diet Alone Wont Make Lasting ResultsI ran into an old friend today while I was out at the gym…a surprise since we hadn’t seen each other there before. Since I spend a lot of time researching and publishing diet-related information, she asked, “So you work out too?” I suppose she was hinting that the information I publish about diets doesn’t work well unless you exercise as well. And, she’s right. Whether it’s walking, going to the gym, or even a home ski training machine, you do have to move around a bit in addition to eating right. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you need to be a full-time gym rat, but I believe if want to lose weight some type of exercise is needed.

That said, exercise alone won’t stimulate lasting weight loss either.  Before I got the healthy diet bug, I jogged a 2 to 3 un, 3 times a week.  Not super intense, but regular exercise nonetheless.  And, I was a little overweight.  Nothing drastic, mind you, but it wasn’t until I started eating better that I was able to shed pounds in a consistent way and maintain it. Clearly, the success had two essential parts,  diet and exercise, that worked together.

And, it’s not just my opinion, either.  Time magazine published an article entitled “Why Exercise Won’t Work Alone”Within the article, they reference a study done by the prominent science journal,  PLoS ONE  (Public Library of Science) .   In the study, they identified 460+ college-age women who were overweight, and put them into four distinct groups, 3 of which had monitored exercise time with a personal trainer, and the fourth…no instructions to exercise at all.   All four groups lost, on average, some weight, but nothing significant.   More importantly, the groups that exercised did NOT lose more weight than the group that didn’t exercise.

That’s not to say that exercise, or a healthy diet for that matter, on it’s own doesn’t have health benefits.  Either does.  But, if your goal is to specifically lose weight, you’re better off with a medium dose of both as opposed to a full dose of either.  Just goes to show that the old adage of “fewer calories in, and more calories out” is true, and effective.

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